• April 19, 2024    HARDE SMART 2 – Flemish & Dutch grooves from the 80’s
    Thanks to PARSLEY these longtime friends KURT & JEAN-MARIE recorded some tracks together (early ’80s) @ ICP Studios. You can now find “Cool hé, jongen” on this compilation.
  • BELPOP HELDEN – Absynthe Minded eert Jean-Marie Aerts –
    “Hij heeft al veel betekend in de Belgische muziekscene”
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single - 2023

Feat. Kimberly Dhondt


album - 2022


single - 2022

radio edit

"Gold Crush" artwork © Kool Koor

single - 2021

original track


As a producer Jean-Marie knows that a studio is an instrument you can deal with in a refreshing way.  He knows how a good song works and how you can create your own ‘sound’. He knows that music constantly changes but he also knows that certain basic rules are permanent. Eclecticism has made him into one of the most innovative producers to come out of Belgium to date.

JMA ́s wide range of adventurous experiences include a.o.: T.C. Matic, Arno, The Neon Judgement, Urban Dance Squad, Jo lemaire, Luc Van Acker, Big Bill, Arbeid Adelt!, Kurt V.E., Elisa Waut, Babylon Fighters, La Fille d ́Ernest, Odieu, Tom Wolf, Ashbury Faith, Junkfish, Cobraz, Stricktly Rockers, El Fish, Kris De Bruyne, Gorki, J.D. Circo, Piet Vandeveire, Victoria Tibblin, Mira, Absynthe Minded, Melting Time, Le Grand Bateau, Raymond van het Groenewoud,  JMX…



Starting off as a hard-edged guitarist (Split, RvhG, Johan Verminnen), he fully disclosed his wizardry on the strings as a member of T.C. Matic, the Belgian band that astonished both the public and the critics all over the continent.

All kinds of musical activities followed;  invitations, sessions, cooperations or gigs w/ DDDJMX, Ostyn, Arno, Philippe Léotard, BJ Scott, Seven Dub, Specimen & the Rizikoos, Alain Bashung, Mark Ritsema, Kaz Lux, JMX, Tone Clusters, The Messieurs Blues, Blaute-Aerts-Melaerts,…

Co-writing/arranging; Femme Femme, Putain Putain, Elle adore le Noir, Bathroom Singer, Funky You’re Not,  Jive  to the Beat, China Jon, Love goes Stumbling, Yep, Tristesza, Tikisong, 2’s & 2’s, Light Years, Hawaiian Dub, Thanx to Soca, Pray for Rain, Here’s Ruby, Scarlett, One Track, Cab, Inédit, Automatic, La Valse de la Vie and many more…

photos: W. Mattelin, J. Vergauwe, D. Willems


Once the North Sea Channel was a symbol for good fishermanship, strength and purity. That was in 1951, when Jean-Marie Aerts was born in Zeebrugge on the Belgian seaside. At the age of 17 he learned to play the guitar and decided to move first to Ghent and then to Brussels where soon he was welcomed as “the new kid in town”. Step by step he gained widespread acclaim and a rock-solid reputation as a musician, writer/arranger and studio-producer.

His dertermined quest for whatever is new drove him to explore an endless variety of bands and acts. Without any hurry, Jean-Marie had been tinkering and constructing his ‘own’ project for a while. He set up JMX in 1994. The home recordings and gigs (so far) made for a very personal creative process, resulting in a surprising number of new tracks. Skill and technology are both reflected in Jean-Marie ́s today’s work.

…there’s some serious talent at play here…  (UK – Muzik)

photo: Danny Willems