Jean-Marie Aerts (aka JMX)
La Valse de la Vie    12″


While in Paris with SEVEN DUB  (1998)
Jean-Marie heard some RHYTHM & SOUND w/ TIKIMAN on Radio Nova.   J-M was blown away and instantly bought the album “Showcase”.

Soon after he invited Paul St. Hilaire (aka Tikiman) for some collaboration (see PARBLEU).

They stayed connected and in 2008 Paul St. Hilaire released this  4-track JEAN-MARIE AERTS (JMX) 12″ record  FT006 on his False Tuned label.


LA VALSE DE LA VIE          lyrics: J-M Aerts      music: J-M Aerts / Paul St. Hilaire
FOGGY          lyrics & music: J-M Aerts
RIEN A DIRE          lyrics: J-M Aerts      music: J-M Aerts / Paul St. Hilaire
MAJOR SEVEN          music: J-M Aerts / Arjen de Vreede (aka DNA)

It’s the guest appearances with renowned Rhythm & Sound collaborator Paul St. Hilaire, DJ DNA (Urban Dance Squad), Veve Mazimpaka (La Fille d’Ernest) and Jean-Marie’s less-is-more approach that grant this music authenticity and the requisite warmth.
False Tuned – 2008

Wicked new release from Tikiman’s own False Tuned imprint.  JEAN-MARIE AERTS (JMX) – a musician that has appeared in literally hundreds of releases that go from the 70’s to the present – releases his first 12” under his own name. “La Valse De La Vie” sounds like a super dubed out french reggae version of Barry White and Serge Gainsbourg locked up in a studio together.   Sublime!  – – 2008